The Advance of Renewable Energy

In ancient times, the sun was revered as a god and people usually pray to the sun (or rather the god it symbolizes) for different reasons, whether for a bountiful harvest or for protection from their enemies. People tend to rely on the sun for different purposes as well such as for food preservation, for light and heat, as well as for determining the time of the day.

In fact, even today, we still rely on the sun for the energy it gives to the earth. Imagine if the sun stopped functioning. The earth would inevitably freeze, plunging us all back into the ice age instantly, since the sun is our main source of heat. The gravitational force that holds the Solar System together will disappear as well, meaning the Earth and other planets will be sent off flying to different directions. Life on Earth is gone as we know it. It sounds pretty bad, if you ask me.

The sun is important as an energy source. We’ve already established that fact. In fact, one benefit of using solar energy as our main source of energy is that we never have to worry about it being depleted. It’s not like we’re going to run out of sunshine anytime soon.

With that being said, solar energy is actually one of the energies we collectively call as Renewable Energy. Renewable energy, or green energy, is an energy that is, just like what its name suggests, seemingly infinite. It simply doesn’t run out because it replenishes itself naturally, without human intervention. There are actually different types of renewable energy, such us tidal energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, biomass, water energy, and of course, solar energy.

Now, if you think about it, all these other renewable energies actually derive their own energies from the sun. For instance, there’s biomass. Since it is a resource from plants and other living organisms, it obviously obtains its energy primarily from the sun. There’s also water energy. How does water get to high places to flow down to water turbines to generate electricity? The sun, of course, by the process of evaporation. The wind itself is created because somewhere along the process of wind creation, the sun is included. In fact, I think that the only resource that does not primarily get its energy from the sun would be the tidal energy, which is aided by the moon itself.
Going back to solar energy, I think we have basically explained why solar energy is so important. Unfortunately, it seems that using the sun primarily as an energy source tends to fly over the heads of people nowadays. Most likely, if you ask any random person if they use anything that is powered by the sun, they’d probably answer “solar-powered calculator.” Some people would probably even have no idea how solar power works. The truth is you can even power high top grade treadmills (like those here:

One thing is for certain. With the increasing population today and the drastic decline of some energy sources, it is inevitable that we would turn to the renewable energy or the sun for our energy soon enough. The question is: will technology be ready to harness this energy?

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